Hello everyone! I am C and I'm
a Magic!Anon. Even though I am Anonymous, please, do not mistake me for some of my rude brothers and sisters.

((This is a ask/rp blog and yes I do multi-ship but the Mainverse she is single.... For now...))
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Open RP


"Does anyone know where to get a fucking decent beer around here? Damn,  I’ve robbed like, 5 stores this night and nothing!" He sighed as he lifted his mask to take a sip of the warm, bitterness he stole a few hours ago. He was standing outside of yet another gas station, waiting to just stroll in there and just grab any alcohol he could find at first glance.

WE CAN FINALLY SEE YOUR EYES! :D btw how was the wedding?

//It was awesome!!!

I’m going to the reception right now and my phone is at 29% so I might not be on for long


//It doesn’t even seem like it’s 11:00 pm….

Well, I have to go to sleep early tonight, I’m going to a wedding tomorrow! I have to go get my hair done at 8 in the morning or something like that…


I’m gonna wear a dress.


Goodnight everyone!

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Have you guys met C the anon before by any chance. She's not around because... she's been kidnapped and turned into something that's not an Anon...


Possum stared in thought for a moment, searching his mind for anyone with that name. “…..Nope. The name is a first. Who name’s their kid C anyways? What is it, short for Clair or something?” He was about to finish before another thought came up. “Also, aren’t anonymous people like, people who don’t say who they really are or something like that? If she has a name doesn’t that really defeat the purpose?”