Hello everyone! I am C and I'm
a Magic!Anon. Even though I am Anonymous, please, do not mistake me for some of my rude brothers and sisters.

((This is a ask/rp blog and yes I do multi-ship but the Mainverse she is single.... For now...))


There you go bro

Thankies! You’re handwriting is awesome!

And yes I meant to say that.

Anonymous asked:
Where are you hanging out now? I must find joo ~Steph

//It’s a blog that I’m still not posting anything on. I’m just on it because It doesn’t have that many followers.


Anonymous asked:
I talk about you outside of tumblr, and how awesome you are. C is one of my favorite muses of all time. And I really love this blog. :)



Oh my god anon you really made my night. Thank you so much. I honestly feel like some people are starting to/already annoyed with me because of all the crap I post ooc and how I stopped answering questions right in the middle of a story arc. Really anon, thank you. :)

//Quick question. Do you plan on making another Q&A someday?

//If you all would want me too. I mean, I’m most likely not gonna edit it so you’re all gonna just watch me say shit for about, how ever long it takes for me to answer all the questions I get.

I will though if you guys want to me too though.


//Maybe if I didn’t have people from my real life following me I would be on more..

I’m trying to hide from my problems on the place where I usually hide from my problems.

I’ll be back when I stop being such a fucking asshole and start working to fix them instead of pretending like I’m not on.

In all reality though, I’m actually not on this blog. I’m on another one.

Anonymous asked:
Bacon is love, bacon is life


You’re trying to reference Shrek, aren’t you.

Wait - not the actually movie..

I mean the meme that has scared my blob that used to me my brain for life.

We do not speak of that meme..





Anonymous asked:
((//Nope, not yet.. Is it good?)) yes. very hype

//It looks so awesome!

Pac Man Reveal Trailer

//Oh no! Primary colors!

But wow that looks so cool. The sounds he makes is awesome too!

Anonymous asked:
did u see the pac man reveal trailer yet

//Nope, not yet..

Is it good?

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